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March 28, 2013

Ho Chi Minh City, March 27th 2013 – LogiGear Corporation, the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) and the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) will hold a press conference for the Vietnam International Software Testing and Automation Conference (VISTACON 2013) with the theme “Testing modern software in a rapidly changing world”.

VISTACON 2013 will take place over 2 days - April 25th & 26th, 2013 at the Majestic Hotel, 01 Đong Khoi Street, District 1, HCMC. VISTACON 2013 will be hosted by LogiGear Corporation, the Hochiminh City Computer Association (HCA) and the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) in order to build a community of software testing and quality engineers, create a forum to share knowledge about software testing and build relationships with  top experts, especially those who have an interest in software testing and software quality management.

Sharing the lastest trends in Software Testing

The Keynotes of VISTACON this year will be covering the latest trends on software testing, including mobile testing, cloud testing, test automation and testing complex and big systems. In February 2013, the total number of Android applications was approximately 650,000 with an average of 20,000 new applications being developed monthly (Appbrain). As such, many software companies have focused on mobile application development for mobile divces operating on Android, iOS and WindowMobile. Additionally, other software companies and clients who use the Windows operating system should change to Cloud Computing in order to catch up the lastest IT development trends. The conference will share opportunies and challenges in software testing with a keynote introducing advanced methods for software testing such as “Cloud” technology, virtualization, Big Data, Agile, SCRUM Basics, etc.

VISTACON 2013 participants include international speakers from leading technology companies. Mr. Julian Harty (Author of A practical guide to testing wireless smartphone applications) has worked for eBay, Google and a variety of other companies.  In 2011, he was the recipient of the 13th European Testing Excellence Award. He contributes to write various books on topics from test automation to developing & testing mobile apps. Other experts include:  Mr. Hans Buwalda (Chief Technology Officer, LogiGear US), Mr.  BJ Rollison (Test Architect at Microsoft), Mr. Hùng Q. Nguyễn (Chairman/CEO, LogiGear US), Mr. Michael Hackett (Senior Vice President, Training & Consulting) and Mr. Stephen Cheng (Senior Manager / Associate Director, Life Technologies). These experts will be joined by representatices from the Vietnam Information Technology Ministries who will provide useful lessons, practices and applications in their panels and discussions.

Attendees will  also be given the opportunity to speak directly with  top speakers during the Key Notes sessions and practice testing on applications for mobile devices in the lab sessions. The main tool used in the lab sessions is the latest version of LogiGear’s test automation software- TestArchitect, which is optimized for testing mobile devices operating on Android and iOS - the world's two most popular operating systems today. Participants will also receive a Certificate of Attendance from VISTACON 2013.

Development of Software Testing human resources

According to the report - The top 100 most attractive cities for software outsourcing (Tholons Consulting Company, June 2012), HCMC comes in at 17th and Hanoi at 21st. According to the annual global software service report from Gartner, Vietnam ranks in the Top 30 of the world’s leading software outsourcing countries for software outsourcing and Top 10 in the Asia – Pacific region. Software testing is a new industry and holds a lot of potential for Vietnam,  especially in the software outsourcing and development field where software testing is attracting  the youth’s attention.

Software testing engineers are a vital human resource, contributing to 30%-40% of project success, guaranteeing software’s quality before it is released. The fact that human resource in Vietnam’s IT field are lacking is of great importnace for creating a population of  profeesional software testing engineers, is of particular interest for Mr. Vuong Bao Long, Director of Human Resources of LogiGear Vietnam. He said,  "In the eight years since its establishment, LogiGear has always required and provided at least six months training for new employees. The rate of recruitment success of the company is about 1:10, but some are missing the skills to be able to work, especially soft skills and work experience".

Director of Global Operation of LogiGear Corporation, Mr. Denny Nguyen said: “with a vission to support building a community of software testing and quality engineers in Vietnam, VISTACON provides a forum to foster knowledge sharing and to network with many professionals in software development who are interested in software testing and quality”.

Vice President of  HCA, Mr. Lu Hong Chuong said : “VISTACON 2013 opens many new opportunites for cooperation in the software testing field, creates motivation to develop software testing in Vietnam. Vietnam believes in the ability to become a premier destination for software testing. Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association is ready to support all enterprises in the training of human resources, gives  opportunities for Vietnamese companies to reach into the top local and international leading software testing field.


VISTACON this year will introduce new areas which are being interested in of software testing with the theme “Testing modern software in a rapidly changing world” and cover on special topics:


  • Topic “Mobile Testing” covers the basics of Testing Windows Mobile 8, understanding Mobile Test Strategies and large-scale Test Automation for Mobile Applications with TestArchitect.
  • Topic “Test Automation” with the keynotes focuses on the Integrated Test Platforms - TA in Visual Studio, high Volume automation strategy methods and technology, Test Automation story from Microsoft on WinMobile8 and open source mobile test automation
  • Topic “Thriving in a Rapidly Changing Software Development Landscape” discusses about ALM, integrated test platforms, Tool suites, outsourcing/offshoring something, training and soft skills for outsourced and distributed teams…
  • Topic “Selected Technical Topics in Software Testing” focuses on the contents are interesting. Those are testing in the Cloud, continuous Integration (CI) – the key to successful Agile Testing, Leveraging Virtualization for faster, more effective software testing and understanding Big Data and Testing Complex Systems…


With the goal of building a community of software testing and quality engineers during this exciting time of rapid growth and advancement in software testing, VISTACON will continue to bring top experts and professionals to share expertise, gather information and solve the lastest software testing and test automation problems.

“Bug Hunting Contest 2012 – Test the Testing Software ” Awards

In the the press conference, the organization of the “Bug Hunting Contest 2012 – Test the Testing Software ” (Bug Hunting Contest 2012) gives a reward for the winners. The  “Bug Hunting Contest 2012” was hosted by LogiGear Corporation from Dec 1st 2012 to Jan 28th 2013 with the purpose to make a playground for all IT engineers and young people who have a passion for Information Technology, especially Software Testing. In the competition, contestants have the opportunity to use the latest Automation Test tool - TestArchitect 7.0. Participants are tasked with finding any the bugs present in this software. This same software will be used in the Bug Hunting contest where LogiGear engineers will input bugs at random to test the candidates’ abilities. Now, TestArchitect 7.0 is a full support software testing for both Windows and mobile platforms including iOS and Android. After 2 months of competition, the contest was attracted 434 registers and 312 sumitted reports. The seven (07) most excellence are awarded the tickets of VISTACON 2013 attendance valued at 6.000.000 VND each ticket. The result of the contest will be announced on



LogiGear Corporation:

LogiGear Corp ( provides global solutions for software testing, focusing on helping customers minimize the cost of software test automation. LogiGear’s test automation software, TestArchitect, takes advantage of the Action Based Testing methodology for keyword driven testing and automation. LogiGear also offers software development services and software testing training for the community and global enterprises at LogiGear University. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. With headquarters in America and Asia, LogiGear can help enterprises enhance the quality of their software while saving time and money.

LogiGear Vietnam was established in 2005 with a mission of developing Vietnam as a international software testing and automation center. LogiGear provides software testing services and a test automation tool – TestArchitectTM which has been developed by our Vietnamese engineering staff.. With more than 700 employees at two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, LogiGear is the largest software testing company in Vietnam.

Ho chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA):

HCA, the first Information Technology Association of Vietnam, is established with the purposes of supporting associates (individuals and groups) to develop trade, communication, connection and information exchange, etc. and helping enterprises work well and sustainably – contributing to Vietnam’s growth. Currently, HCA has 1,220 individual associates and 256 units with a staff of 20,000. Average annual turnover of HCA’s associates is VND 100,000 million.

With the motto: “Commitment, share and cooperation to develop together” – HCA is willing to accompany with IT enterprises, cooperate with internal and external partners of IT industry, support associates, enterprises to develop existing advantages, search and share opportunities, chances, etc. to build a sustainable growth for their business.

Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA):

VINASA is a national organization of Vietnamese software firms, was established in April 2002. Now, it has more than 250 members. They are leading firms in the industry, accounting for over 70% of sales and 60% of human resources software industry, IT services in Vietnam. The main functions of VINASA are to act as a bridge between the Government and the software business community and to protect and promote the interests of VINASA member companies (by organizing training programs, workshops, trade fairs, oversea business missions, business matching, interest groups / clubs, ICT awards, providing information, etc.) and thus help develop the Vietnam software industry.

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