Stephen Cheng

Stephen Cheng, Senior Manager / Associate Director, Life Technologies

Varied experiences ranging from Functional Test Management, Functional R&D management, Project and Program Management, Technical Architect, Software Test professional, Co-founder, Statistical Consultant, Trainer for Induction Program.

Software testing is regarded as an important aspect of the software development life cycle (SDLC). It also can be a costly investment in software projects. Test Managers need ways or methods to track the performance and efficiency of the test team.

Presentation in VISTACON 2013: Measuring Software testing efficiency

Describes a method that can be used to measure test team performance through normalizing the defect severity so that Quality is not compromised. The size of the software tested is also taken into consideration to allow comparison across software projects. The measurement can be extended into the maintenance or sustaining phase where customers take on a tester’s role to uncover defects that are not captured during development.

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