Binh Nguyen & Tuan Truong Session topics
  • Session:  Teaching Software Engineers Test Automation: A case Study
  • Over the last few years, Software Testing Engineer became one of the hottest jobs in Viet Nam, and Test Automation Engineers are more and more in demand on the IT hiring market. However, the supply of this type of resource is very limited, and it appears to be in short supply. This talk is intended to discuss about this issue and to search for solutions to develop test automation engineers.

    At the universities and even in software companies, most of the training software engineering programs concentrate on how to analyze, design, and develop software while Software testing and test automation are seldom mentioned. Moreover, test automation is rarely introduced and trained to students and/or employees.

    In this talk, we will focus on test automation and its objectives such as:

    • Employment: how to develop the career path for this profession.
    • Training: how to train potential applicants from test automation to software developers.
    • And finally, we will also discuss the prospective of test automation jobs in Viet Nam.Case studies: stories and success in test automation training to students at university and engineers.