Julian Harty Session topics
  • Session: Human Testing on Mobile Apps
  • Automated software tests are topical where they seem to be replacing much of the testing done by humans. Automated tests are faster, provide early feedback and cost little to run many times. Agile projects need automated tests to keep up with the frequent builds which may arrive tens or hundreds of times a day and need testing.

    So human testing seems to be gathering cobwebs, even despised as unproductive, low-skilled work done by testers who don’t have the ‘skills’ to write automated tests. However, as an industry we ignore testing by humans at our peril. There’s so much testing that’s beyond practical reach of automated tests. It’s time to revive interactive testing performed by motivated and interested humans. This talk will help you to find a new impetus and focus for your interactive testing to complement automated tests.

    Here are some tasters of the topics we will cover in this talk:

    • Fast, efficient testing that augments the repetitive automated testing where BugFests, moving both you and the phone, may help find and expose bugs which are hard for your automated tests to cover.
    • Feelings and emotions are what users will judge your apps on, so let’s test and explore how users may feel about the mobile apps. Michael Bolton published an insightful article called: “I've Got a Feeling: Emotions in Testing by Michael Bolton”.
    • Ways to establish a strong foundation in testing mobile apps. We need to know the platforms, the cultural norms, and the myriad devices to test effectively and efficiently.
    • Insightful testing rather than relying on scripted tests.
    • Some things are more practical with automated tests, so we will cover these topics too.
  • Session: Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy
  • The world of testing mobile apps has extended to a galaxy of different platforms and concerns we need to consider if we want to understand the entire eco-system. Developers have had the Mobile Developer’s Guide and the Parallel Guide to help them learn about developing and marketing their apps. This session will help you to learn about testing mobile apps.

    We will cover the universe of mobile operating systems, web and native apps, app stores, testing challenges and test automation.

  • Session: Interface Automation (Mobile)
  • Test interfaces are seldom considered or discussed yet they underpin any test automation. Thy also have a major impact on the longer-term viability of your automated testing. Test Automation for mobile apps is even more complicated, particularly if you need to interact with apps you have not written. This session will help you to find suitable test automation interfaces for your mobile apps. Many of the concepts also apply to other apps, including web and desktop apps.

    The session will include the following topics:

    • What makes an interface an interface?
    • How does test automation work?
    • What sorts of things do we want to test?
    • How to implement and improve the interfaces.
    • Finding alternatives to unreliable or incomplete interfaces
    • Moving the interface closer to the heart of the code

    You may find the following online article useful background reading for this topic.